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  • Workers Compensation
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John J. Stanzione is a Trial Attorney with over 30 years of experience in personal injury, product liability, workers compensation, employment, social security disability, ERISA and commercial litigation.

John has litigated cases in several state and federal courts and has handled numerous cases before state and federal administrative law judges. John has successfully argued cases on appeal before the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He has been counsel or co-counsel in several cases which resulted in settlements in excess of $1,000,000 including cases in which the settlements exceeded $5,000,000.

Before joining Lamb McErlane, John was a named partner in the law firm of Wusinich, Brogan & Stanzione. In addition to being one of the firm’s top trial lawyers, for six years he also served as Solicitor for the Borough of Downingtown where he provided legal advice and counsel to the Borough on matters involving taxation, bonds, employment, eminent domain, easements, environmental regulations, public bids, workers compensation, contracts, prevailing wages, labor relations involving police and firemen, the Sunshine Act and municipal finance.

Early in his legal career, John served two years as Assistant General Counsel for Wells Fargo Alarm Services where he provided general business and legal advice to this national company and supervised its nationwide commercial and employment litigation. He also negotiated several legal contracts and assisted with mergers and acquisitions.


  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of PA
  • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania


  • Dickinson School of Law, JD 1984
  • St. Joseph’s University, BS 1981


  • Chester County Bar Association
    – Chair,  Workers Compensation Section
    – Former President, Chester County Bar Association, 2009
    – Former Chair, Continuing Legal Education Committee
    – Former President, Chester County Bar Foundation,  2010-2011
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
    – House of Delegates, 2006-2009
    – Former Chair, Membership Development Committee, 2009-2013
  • Habitat for Humanity
    -Ambassador Committee, 2016
    -Family Selection Committee, 2011 – Present
  • Lionville Youth Association
    – Chairman, 2009-2010
    – Board Member,  2005-2011
  • Board Member, Downingtown Library-Senior Center Project,

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I have been representing injured workers successfully for over 25 years.  I have received numerous workers compensation decisions and settlements favorable to my clients over those 25 years.  In just the past year, I have negotiated, settled and obtained over $2,000,000 in workers compensation benefits for my clients.  Here are just a few of the cases that I have handled:

  • Represented a young nurse who suffered a significant injury at work to her right leg.  The injury led to additional medical conditions which the employer and the employer’s workers compensation insurance company did not officially recognize and accept.  I recommended to the client that we file a Petition with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation to force the employer and the workers compensation insurance company to recognize and accept these additional injuries.  I notified the workers compensation insurance company of my intention to file such Petition.  The insurance company immediately inquired as to whether my client wanted to settle her workers compensation case before filing the Petition. The case was settled in excess of $340,000.
  • Represented an employee that suffered burns to his upper body, face, skull and upper extremities when a boiler exploded.  Unfortunately, because the boiler was manufactured and maintained by his employer, a personal injury suit was not available against a third party entity.  The injured worker was limited to receiving workers compensation disability benefits and workers compensation medical benefits from his employer and the employer’s workers compensation insurance company.  After years of receiving such benefits, the workers compensation disability benefit claim was settled for a lump sum of $400,000.  (This was in addition to the $227,000 the employee had already received in weekly workers compensation disability benefits prior to the settlement).  The employee’s medical treatment continues to be paid by the employer and the workers compensation insurance company.
  • Represented a part-time school bus driver who suffered a low back injury while at work.  She underwent multiple surgeries to the lower back which prevented her from returning to work as a school bus driver.  The employer and its workers compensation insurance company filed a Petition to end her workers compensation disability benefits alleging that the employee was capable of returning to other part-time light duty work which was available near her home.  I defended the injured employee against the Petition.  Before a decision was rendered by the Workers Compensation Judge, we were able to settle the client’s workers compensation case for $240,000.
  • Represented an employee of a major supermarket chain when she slipped and fell in the employer’s parking lot and banged her head on the hard blacktop.  The initial diagnostic studies were negative for any acute injury to the skull or the brain such as fracture of the skull or hemorrhage/bleeding of the brain.  Because of these studies, the employer and its workers compensation insurance carrier denied the employee’s workers compensation claim.  Meanwhile, the employee suffered from headaches, nausea, blurred vision and other symptoms consistent with a concussion. The employer’s medical expert testified that the injured worker did not suffer a concussion and had not suffered any injury when she slipped and fell at work. A neuropsychologist who had evaluated the injured worker at my request testified that my client had suffered a concussion as a result of the fall.  The Worker’s Compensation Judge found in favor of my client.  The Judge concluded that my client had suffered a closed head injury including a concussion as a result of her slip and fall at work. My client was awarded workers compensation disability benefits retroactive to the date of the accident.  She continues to receive weekly workers compensation disability benefits at the current time.  The workers compensation insurance company was also ordered to pay for all of her medical treatment including the vestibular, occupational, physical and vision therapy that she received at a local Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • I represent a worker with previous lower and upper back injuries who was involved in a motor vehicle accident with another co-employee.  As a result of the accident, his prior injuries were significantly aggravated and worsened.  Since the driver of the other vehicle was employed by the same employer, my client could not sue the other driver for causing his injuries.  My client did present a claim to the employer for workers compensation benefits but that claim was denied.  The employer and its workers compensation insurance company argued that the diagnostic studies did not show an anatomical change to, or worsening of, his lower or upper back.  After several hearings before a Workers Compensation Judge, my client and I prevailed.  My client was awarded workers compensation disability and medical benefits and continues to receive such benefits today.