Lamb McErlane PC Paralegals Patricia Klim and Amy McCall Elected Officers of the Chester County Paralegal Association

Lamb McErlane PC paralegals Patricia (Pat) Klim, Pa.C.P. and Amy McCall were elected Officers of the Chester County Paralegal Association (CCPA).  Pat was elected Vice President and Amy was elected Secretary.  Pat previously served as Secretary and Amy was on the Fundraising Committee.

The CCPA was formed in 1992 with the objective and purpose of promoting and maintaining high standards and ethics in the paralegal profession by providing a forum for the exchange of information about the profession, enhancing the role of paralegals in the legal community, and encouraging the continuing education of paralegals.  CCPA is dedicated to serving the community through law related and community projects.

Lamb McErlane PC is a Sustaining Member of CCPA.